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Fourth Dimension Group has a portfolio of over 35 million dollars in managed assets. Our primary focus is managing residential homes and boutique apartment communities in the Austin and San Antonio areas. Our pro-active style of management continues to distinguish us from competitors. We reduce costs of ownership and operations by providing administrative and maintenance support in our fee structure. We are involved in multiple organizations/agencies that assist us to provide the best service in the management of property, professional development, and real estate related concerns.

We appreciate the interest you have shown in Fourth Dimension Group. Our goal is to help your real estate investment realize its maximum potential through the development and maintenance of professional relationships with Clients, Tenants, and Service Professionals.

Know the Client – we believe the most important step is getting to know you and what you need or want from your investment. Cultivating professional relationships with our clients is key to developing a successful property management strategy.


Know the Tenant – we screen applicants to find the best qualified tenant for vacancies. Once a tenant is procured, we begin to develop a rapport with them based on good faith and trust through open communication and quick response to their needs and concerns. A satisfied renter is an important factor in the management equation.


Know the Property – Properties need to be safeguarded. We have established relationships with qualified professionals who can provide quality service when the need arises. Proper maintenance on your investment keeps it attractive to tenants, and helps maintain and ultimately increase your property’s value.