Paul E. Williams IV, Broker

Paul Bring over 35 years in the real estate industry to the group.  Primarily in real estate management and investment sales. As an independent Broker, he services a niche market in property portfolio management. 


Krystal Chandler, Realtor Multifamily Director

Krystal brings over a decade of multifamily management experience to the group. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all our portfolio properties.


Juan Vasquez, Maintenace Head

Juan is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of our apartment communities.  He supervises additional maintenance personnel to maintenance and repair our properties.

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Elizabeth A. Williams, Project Management

Elizabeth brings over 30 years experience in construction project management to the group. She is responsible for the development of projects as well as on-going revitalization projects to our existing portfolio.


Maria Hernandez, Community Manager

Maria is the first individual prospect tenants encounter when they are previewing the property. She also interacts with existing tenants to assist them with their issues.

John "Jay" Zuniga, Supervisor HVAC

John takes care of all our HVAC needs for the property portfolio.  As a third-party vendor, he is invaluable for keeping the the tenants "cool"

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